Welcome to Legopolis!

MY TOWN is going through a relocation now, as it has outgrown the living room rug and is headed for (what was) the dining room... I sketched out a plan to be sure I could fit everything onto one 4x8 sheet of plywood before I screwed one to (what was) the dining room table.

I recently borrowed my friend's camera (with macro lens) to shoot some close-up pics of the more interesting sights in Legopolis. Stay tuned as I scan them in: everything from rowdy bar scenes to inside the luxury homes of rich & famous minifigs!

My Own Creations

All are constructed of 100% genuine LEGO® pieces, none of which have been altered in any way. Please click on buildings to "go inside!"

Hole-in-the-Wall Bar

Small Office Building

Small Red House

Cozy Yellow Cottage

The Bathroom


Sidewalk Stage


Park Kiddie-Ride

Flower Cart

Flower Seller

The Mayor







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