My LEGO History

MY BROTHER and I had a blast with our LEGO® sets.
(Luckily, we took pretty good care of them too.) Here's our oldest catalog:

Our old sets remaining from childhood:

001 Gears
021 Wheel Set+
112 Basic Set
420 Police Car*
450 Fork Lift*
455 Learjet*+
460 Rescue Units*
490 Mobile Crane*+
570 Fire House*
575 Coast Guard Station*
710 Wrecker with Car*
730 Steam Shovel with Carrier*
760 London Bus*
780 Road Construction Set*+
901 Universal Motor Set+
955 Mobile Crane Expert Set *+

* = have instructs
+ = have box


I also had some Classic Space sets which I'm still trying to find.
All I have are empty boxes. They were the coolest... :-(

493 Space Command Center+ (from 1978)
483 Alpha-1 Rocket Base+
6870 Space Probe Launcher

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