Welcome To Thomas's Home Page!!!

Welcome to my really cool home page!!!

I'm a student at Legopolis Polytechnic Institute where I study computer science. If you work for a cool company, please hire me! I know HTML and can make a cool web page for you too!

Here are some pictures of my roommates:
Shortly after we moved into our Founders 107 dorm room, we climbed the walls. Don't ask me why...we just did, ok? That's James Fournier and Travis Warren up there. Lucas Weisleder and Robert Maloney look on.

This is us sitting around watching Price is Right while we wait for the cafeteria to open for lunch. The food sucks but we have to eat it or else we'd die.

Here, we're still waiting for lunch. Left to right, people in the picture are: Rob, Allen Griffith, Fred the Plant, and Travis.

This is James and Harrison watching Power Rangers while waiting for dinner. Harrison liked it, but would never admit it.

Jen Richards and James flirted all the time. Here they go again one Saturday afternoon.

Sometimes a conversation would break out into a wrestling match. We're not sure why...it just happened. Here's one that happened one night as we were just sitting down to watch Bridge to the Future.
This one's between Harrison and Travis. Apparently Travis got pissed the room was so messy and Harrison started to fight him. Amazingly, only one glass was broken...but it was James' "Tower of London" drinking glass!
Allen and Jen watch as James jumps up with a futile attempt to save his glass.

This is Harrison and Travis coming in to watch the latest episode of MST3K which I'm subjecting them to. That's Rob walking by my room in the background.

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