Ralph's Page of Flames!

All of us minifigs hates flames (see definition below). But sometimes I think they're kinda funny. This is my collection of "flamage" gathered from actual mail through Legopolis Online.

    "You roll in smelly stuff to disguise your plastic scent, you hollow-headed toy store captive."

    "Your mother was a TYCO fig and your pet dog was a Lincoln Log."

    "You are a peculiar, pseudo-human android thief!"

    "Your computer is made of -pink- LEGO bricks, isn't it?"

flame 1. vi. To post an email message intended to insult and provoke. 2. vi. To speak incessantly and/or rabidly on some relatively uninteresting subject or with a patently ridiculous attitude. 3. vt. Either of senses 1 or 2, directed with hostility at a particular person or people. 4. n. An instance of flaming. When a discussion degenerates into useless controversy, one might tell the participants "Now you're just flaming" or "Stop all that flamage!" to try to get them to cool down (so to speak).
flamage /flay'm*j/ n. Flaming verbiage, esp. high-noise, low-signal postings to Usenet or other electronic fora. Often in the phrase `the usual flamage'. `Flaming' is the act itself; `flamage' the content; a `flame' is a single flaming message. See flame.