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How to Purchase Kits

The February 1999 CEK auction has now finished. Thanks to all who participated. Kits will be mailed out to the winners upon their payment. Stay tuned for another batch of kits to become available in aproximately 4 weeks!

Kits are auctioned using the same software which runs AucZILLA auctions. All of the bidding procedures are the same as any other AucZILLA auction, so rather than repeating everything here, the best place to become familiar with the rules is by visiting:


Along with e-mail updates, a constantly-updated web page will be here to keep participants aware of the status of items. If you would like to join the mailing list, send mail to cek@auczilla.com stating so. Bear in mind that CEK auctions are separate from AucZILLA  auctions. Bids submitted can not be combined in e-mail messages.