Collection Enrichment Kits
for the LEGO® enthusiast

This part of baseplate.com makes available some specially designed kits. The kits contain newly purchased LEGO elements which have not been altered in any way such as cutting, painting or gluing. However, some minifigs may have swapped arms, hands or legs.

Model kits depicted here are not and have never been released as models or figures by the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this site. Rather, these kits were designed by myself in response to noticed demand for items and characters which could fill gaps in the official product line. I have access to a vast variety and quantity of pieces during AucZILLA™ auctions. This allows me to gather collections of pieces which, for the average LEGO enthusiast, may not be such an easy task. A number of official LEGO sets would need to be purchased, often across multiple themes, to aquire the specific pieces.

I truly enjoy providing this service. Response so far has been quite positive. In the future, I hope you'll see here a more consistant supply and a greater selection. I welcome any suggestions for certain types of figures or small models which you would like to see become available. Please note, for the time being, kits are sold via an AucZILLA™ - style auction. If you need to know more about how that works, please read the FAQ there.

Now! Please be my guest and proceed to the CATALOG …
– Suzanne Rich
LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO group of companies. AucZILLA™ is a trademark of Todd Lehman and Suzanne Rich.