SIT down…     Relax…
through these great books
for building ideas and technical reference.
Then… GET UP and


This site is not quite ready yet, but as a teaser, this is the Welcome page explaining the purpose of the Books area.

The following selection of book titles comes straight from what’s on my own shelf (plus a few I wish were there). These are books which have had inspirational influence on my LEGO creations. They have prompted much sketching and note writing for future building projects and continue to be useful guides in building realistic models for my LEGO town and village.

The titles are loosely organized and include a section for LEGO-specific books. Links lead to pages which include basic information sometimes with my own comments added and a few sample images from the volume so that you may have some idea of the style of content. A few titles also include links to my models or drawings which demonstrate influence.

Not all of these books are available in stores. I would recommend checking your local library or used bookshop for those. Titles still in print include links to related pages at Amazon.com. There you can read more about the title, sometimes with customer comments. Should you wish, Amazon.com can ship books to your door - sometimes at a substantial discount.

I am constantly on the lookout for more idea-generating materials and am pleased to share such findings with other builders. Your input is welcome here as well! Send mail to books@baseplate.com. Tell me what’s on your building shelf and why.